Strengthening of the Russian military presence in the Arctic threatens anti-NATO in the North Atlantic. This was stated by first Deputy assistant Secretary of state for European Affairs and Eurasian Affairs Michael Murphy, speaking at a briefing at the state Department.

Murphy believes that the creation of the Arctic-based Northern fleet unified strategic command, and the gain of his group such as air defense systems s-400, Russia “goes beyond territorial defense”. He said that Russia’s actions are part of building up strength in the North Atlantic, presenting a direct threat to US security.

assistant Secretary of state worried that in the event of a military crisis line anti-NATO so – called Faeroe-Icelandic frontier, which runs between Britain, Iceland and Greenland, will be jeopardized. According to him, it may prevent the forces of the United States and Canada to regroup in time to react to enemy action.

what Michael Murphy is so unhappy with the strengthening of Russia in the Arctic region, it is quite clear – Americans is clearly too late. They have a presence in these latitudes does not even have a single decent icebreaker. However, earlier the head of the U.S. Department of state Mike Pompeo said that the United States plans to strengthen its presence in the Arctic, but it’s all, as they say, shoot for the tails.

And that is why Michael Murphy denies Russia the right to establish on its own territory, defensive air defense system, saying that “beyond territorial defense”, that would be weird.

Why concerned Americans, our air defense systems in the Arctic and what is the Faeroe-Iceland ASW line, “MK” explained military expert in the field of aerospace defence, chief of anti-aircraft missile troops of the special-purpose Command (2007-2009) Colonel Sergey KOTYLEV.

– of Course, Americans don’t like that our air defense system appeared again in the Arctic. In the Soviet time there we were deployed Kola Union and in the New Earth there was a whole-aircraft division. Now we are back. By the way, the s-400 on the Kola Peninsula are for a long time. And on the New Earth. And Kamchatka too. So it is strange that Mr. Murphy noticed it just now.

the s-400 System today are almost along the entire coastline of the Northern sea route. Ibid deployed tor-2МДТ. They were specially developed for the North region.

Now, as the Faeroe-Icelandic abroad. Indeed, there is such anti turn. Is this a design point, the comfort that we can most effectively strike our submarine forces in the territory of a potential enemy. When crossing this threshold, the system triggers alertseniya. Equipment that is installed at a certain depth, gives the Americans a signal, on it all interested countries immediately know that our submarines have passed this milestone and went into the North Atlantic, or somewhere else.

the task of the Americans – not to let us on this milestone. Challenge our sailors to pass him unnoticed to the enemy. With the advent of us armed with low-noise submarines, the effectiveness of this line has decreased. And now, when the s-400 covering the whole of our naval groups, we increase their fighting capabilities.

we are Talking about combat operations, when the group of warships, when the warrant are destroyers, missile cruisers. Submarines, because by themselves do not work. Alone they go only when they are on duty, are patrolling in remote areas. This is the same as the fighter. He’s also fighting not one, but a couple link. That is, all the fighting we lead groups. And when this group goes to the line, it will be securely covered from the air by our air defense systems, including naval air defense systems. This is what really bothers us Department of state.