In the sky seen Libya presumably a Russian-made aircraft. According to local media in Libya deployed MiG-29 fighters and Sukhoi su-24. Accurate information about who transferred the aircraft to Marshal the Caliph Haftarot, warring with the Central government of Libya, yet. One of the versions arrives in Libya, aircraft of the Egyptian air force, which will be destroyed under Libyan territory, the Turkish military base. What can cause a military escalation in Libya, “MK” said the military expert.

In the command of the Libyan national army Marshal Hanifa Haftorah announced the impending unprecedented by the standards of the Libyan war air operations. The troops of the Haftarot promise to destroy from the air in Libya military bases of the army of Turkey, which supports the internationally recognized government of Libya in Tripoli.

This statement was made after chapterhouse forces suffered a series of defeats in fighting with government forces and their Turkish allies.

News of the impending air operation by the Libyan national army coincided with the news about the appearance in Libya of Russian-made aircraft. Airfields Libyan army spotted the MiG-29 and Sukhoi su-24, which. Some media wrote that the aircraft arrived from Russia transit through Iran and database “Hamim” in Syria. However, military expert Yury Lyamin says this version is implausible.

-In this situation there are three versions of events. First: the aircraft was indeed brought in from Russia via Hamim. Second: in Libya spotted the MiG-29 air force of Egypt, who was deployed there to help the Haftarot against the Turks. A third option, that these planes were purchased from the reserves of any country, the United Arab Emirates and then transferred to the Haftarot.

And you what option bow?

-To last. Because Emirates already had often done so. For example, procuring attack helicopters Mi-24 in the Czech Republic, and then sent them to the Haftarot. Pilots they can hire in the former Soviet republics, in the Ukraine, or, say, Sudan or Yemen. The MiG-29 is a very popular aircraft, pilots a lot, and for good money (and the Emirates can offer good money), they can be hired for war in Libya.

-the Transfer of the aircraft can be tracked?

-This is the main issue. They would have had to notice during the flight from Mamima in Libya. But such news was not. When planes are flying from Russia to Syria, they are often seen on radar that there is one transport and it’s fighter. They are often rented by the locals. Now we never seen anything like it. Was the news that Thai police arrived aircraft from Russia. But this does not mean that it is the machine for Livi��. It may be a rotation technique, something else.

-What are the challenges in Libya can perform the MiG-29?

-it Depends on what kind of technique appeared in Libya. If a fighter early versions, they can be used for the destruction of the Turkish drones “Bayraktar”, which now cause great damage to the forces of the Haftarot. What they show destroyed “Shell” is only a small part. Turkish drones attacking communications of the Libyan army in Tripoli and deal massive damage.

So “MiGs” can help in the fight against the drones. If this aircraft from the Egyptian air force, we are talking about the MiG-29M and MiG-29M2 that can be used to attack ground targets.

While there are only a few pictures online, which allegedly arrived in Libya one or two MiG-29 and four Sukhoi su-24. By Libyan standards is a very large force.

-And what could be Turkey’s reaction to the emergence in Libya of Egyptian planes? Many are waiting for battle-an Egyptian MiG-29 against the Turkish F-16.

-to be Honest, there can happen anything. Until the appearance of the Mirage aircraft of the air force of the United Arab Emirates. So what is there to predict if not wanted.