“According to the operational monitoring carried out on the basis of the portal “Work in Russia”, in April 2020 were mere 2.6% of the total number of employees, – explained the expert. – They were paid 2/3 of the wages. In terms of a shorter working week worked for 2.1% of the total number of employees who received a salary for actually worked working time. Without pay during this period were 0.5% of employees. Thus, the total number of employees, whose conditions of payment have changed in the smaller side, made up approximately 5% of the formally employed citizens.”

According to Rosstat, the average monthly charged wage in April was 49 306 rubles, an increase compared with the same level of last year by 1%. The increase in average wages compared to January 2020 was identified in April at 6.7%. However, in March, the average gross salary amounted to 948 50 rubles, and the April value is 96.5% of what it was in the previous month.

“Most employees in April, received a regular wage, while continuing to perform their duties, including remotely or from non-working days, – concluded Vladimir Smirnov. – Statistically it is the salaries that are generated in the real sector, the public sector and public administration, determine the level of the average gross wage in the country. A significant part of enterprises in these sectors of the economy have continued their work and during non-working days.”