Food technologist from Spain Mario sánchez told what errors to do with eggs affect the safety of food. The specialist said that the salmonellosis – an acute intestinal infection most often associated with consumption of eggs which contain the appropriate bacteria. They are particularly dangerous for people over 65, children under five years of age and for those who have a weakened immune system.

harmful micro-organisms present in the egg are eliminated only in the case if you cook eggs at temperatures above 75 degrees.

it is Noted that the scrambled eggs or omelette you need to cook exclusively from freshly broken eggs. To use the egg with a previously cracked shell – it is dangerous.

At the level of bacteria touching the egg equivalent of raw meat or fish. In the process of preparation should always wash their hands and clean the surface with which contact products.

it is Noted that eggs before cooking really is better not to wash (especially in advance), as this violates the natural protective film on the product. If the egg is very dirty, we recommend cleaning the surface with a dry brush. Or rinse the product in water and immediately send it on the stove.