New cases of coronavirus in China, can be imported, or infection manifested in people without symptoms, said the Vice-President of the International Academy of Sciences on nature and society, head of Department of Microbiology of latent infections Institute name Gamalei Victor Zuev.

“it’s Hard to comment on flash. It is necessary to wait explanations of the Chinese. It may be associated with cases of deliveries” – he said “360”.

China has lifted restrictions on the background of the coronavirus and returned to normal life, this means that all movement around the country has resumed. Another possible cause of the new outbreak could be a sign of infection in people who unbeknownst to themselves carry the virus.

“In recent years we see in our country, from tests conducted by half or more – bessimptomnogo. This means that covertly infected people are healthy carriers. They are an epidemiological threat individuals,” explained virologist.

Such a person can get sick if he reduced immunity.

“Let’s evaluate the actions of the authorities. You see how the Chinese react to 34 cases. They declare a quarantine in millions of people. It is very important”, – said Zuev.

Earlier media reported that more than 108 million people in the provinces of Jilin and Liaoning from 18 may quarantined from 34 new cases of coronavirus. The epicenter of the new outbreak was the city of Shulan.