the Command of the U.S. army in Africa, said that from Russia to Libya were transferred to the military aircraft of Russian air force. The us military published photos, which, they said, suggests that a group of fighters and bombers arrived in Libya to transit through Syria. In the United States say that the aircraft will be used by the Private military company “Wagner” to support the Libyan national army that is at war with internationally-recognized government of the Libyan government in Tripoli. That means arrival in Libya “an aircraft” and not whether it will cause ongoing conflict, “MK” has learned to experts.

Information about what the Russian air base “Hamim” in Syria were deployed by a group of MiG-29 fighters, appeared online in early may. According to media reports, the aircraft took off from Russia, via Iran and Iraq, refueled in Syria, and from there arrived in Libya. The media also pointed out that together with the fighters in Libya were deployed frontline su-24 bombers. Later, photos of planes on Libyan airfields appeared online, but no official confirmation was not provided.

the First situation has officially commented on the command of US troops in Africa. According to the official statement have been transferred to Libya, the aircraft is intended for Private military companies (PMCs) “Wagner”, who fights on the side of the Libyan Marshal Hanifa Haftarot. The U.S. military also released satellite images of the aircraft during Parking on Mamimi, during the flight through the Mediterranean and the Libyan territory. Based on these photos from planes in Libya were removed identification marks of Russian air force.

Information has not yet been officially commented by the Libyan and Russian authorities. However, as noted in an interview with “MK” military expert Yuri Lyamin, even without official statements information on the transfer of Russian aviation causes a number of issues.

– Reviewing all published by Americans photos, I did not understand where they were removed. It is not clear where the photos were taken in the air. That is, the Americans are trying to show that Syria flew planes with Russian markings, and then some of them flew into Libya without them. That is, there are some photos of MiG-29 with stars, and the last without them. But all this without specifying where and when the footage is shot. This does not mean that arrived in Syria planes destined Libya. They could stay on Mamimi. Another interesting question, how the fighters made aerial refueling over the Mediterranean.

– And where else in Libya could take these planes?

– As I said earlier: option three. First, they could buy in countries byvshego the Eastern Bloc, as previously Libya was also supplied Mi-24 helicopters in the Czech Republic. Secondly, it can be MiG-29 fighters of the air forces of Egypt, especially that Egypt supports the Haftarot. And the third option is what the Americans say.

– If they bought, who paid for the purchase and delivery of aircraft to Libya, and where will the crews?

– the Main financial “sponsor” of the Haftorah are the United Arab Emirates. They procure weapons and can hire pilots for the MiGs in Eastern Europe or, say, Sudan or Yemen. The MiG-29 mass machine and pilots will not be difficult.

the scale of the Libyan conflict six fighters is a lot?

Is a serious force. If we are talking about early aircraft modifications, they can be used against the Turkish drones. If this Egyptian machine MiG-29M/M2, they can strike at ground targets.