The expert commented on the depreciation of the ruble

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Analyst of the financial group “Kalita-Finans” Dmitry Golubovsky in the interview with Moscow 24 commented on the depreciation of the ruble after the morning growth of the dollar and the Euro. According to the expert, 62 of the ruble will not collapse, and it is a normal, healthy correction.

“the Main reason is the Ministry of Finance because January in the work plan – a short month, but the Finance Ministry buys the currency. Currency is needed to buy much to do the monthly plan. The presence of the Ministry of Finance in the foreign exchange market is 1.5 times higher than in December. First, they did not pay attention, but the cumulative effect gave including the fact that the ruble began to weaken,” – said Golubovska.

most Likely, the end of the month the ruble continue to fall. Where comes this tendency is unclear, perhaps to 63 rubles. But it’s not catastrophic. A disaster is when a couple of percent a day crashing, then there would be reason to wonder. Now risks significant weakening of the ruble in the first half, no.
Dmitry Golubovskiy financial group “Kalita-Finance”

According to him, if now there is free money, you can buy dollars. “It’s a good idea, who knows what. You should always have stock, it can be useful”, – said the interlocutor of the Moscow 24.

Golubovskaya added that with the change of government, many expected a strong fall of the ruble. But, in his opinion, this did not happen.

“it’s One thing when the country was a real political crisis, the old government collapsed and the new had come to clean up the consequences of the previous. Another thing – permutations that have to happen. Yes, they are important, but the policy that was before that, not much is changing, she coped with the task: task stability, monetary objectives. The previous policy was not some kind of failure, so it is not connected,” concluded Golubovsky.

Earlier it was reported that the U.S. dollar and the Euro have moved to higher on Wednesday afternoon after a morning of strengthening. The U.S. currency rose above 62 percent for January 6, from the data of the Moscow exchange.

dollar at 12:16 Moscow time amounted to 62,035 of the ruble, rising to 15.25 penny. The European currency was trading at 68,7425 ruble.

Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow is considering abandoning the dollar as a response to the unpredictability of the economic policy of the United States. The main directions of this work are the national currencies away from the dollar peg.

Lavrov reminded that last year Russia signed with China and Turkey agreement on settlements and payments, and agreed to open their respective Central banks correspondent accounts.

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