Europe cautiously opens the border. Our tourists were waiting when they will give the command to start. Meanwhile, the foreign Ministry believe that while early to speak about concrete dates. Experts told the “MK” which countries will accept the Russian tourists first.

the World slowly returns to normal life rhythm and recovered from the shock caused by the pandemic COVID-19. Country open its borders to foreign tourists with caution: risks of a second wave of coronavirus still exist. But people are tired of being afraid and want to relax, despite the high cost and the possibility of infection.

If we talk about domestic tourism, the prospect of to collect to stay in motels or hotel for a minimum of 3 medical certificate, and then walk around in public places wearing masks, or sit the entire facility on quarantine when one of the neighbors gets sick, few people are tempted. And these are the options outlines for the Russian tourists the CPS.

the hotels will have no choice but as clearly as possible to comply with the requirements of the Department to avoid closure. It will look something like the beds at a distance of several meters and minimal contact with other people. Therefore, even though the possibility to go on holiday, it is still to some extent be stressful.

Travelers believe, it is better at home, or savage to the private sector or to wait for the opening of the borders and fly to where the maximum upon entry you will be asked to donate one analysis.

Experts believe that China, Italy, France and other countries where was recorded a large number of cases, the first time will enjoy a minimum of demand from tourists, while the local travel companies will try to attract customers with special offers, discounts and favorable conditions of residence, since many of them fill up the budget due to seasonal travelers.

you Need to understand that the borders will open unevenly, says first Vice-President of “OPORA Russia” Paul Segal. According to him, somewhere quarantine measures will last longer, but everything will depend on how quickly it will be able to cope with the pandemic.

“Campers are more willing to go to the usual, more budget tours to countries which are rapidly cope with the spread of the pandemic, and use preventive security measures (test coming to the coronavirus, observe sanitary standards in restaurants and hotels), he said. — Currently preparing to welcome Montenegro (which opened the borders for sea travel), Turkey (revised seasonal offers), Greece and Cyprus (where there are special security protocols at airports, and recreation areas), Georgia, Iceland, Mexico and Croatia (the latter is not waiting for tourists, but Mr.��Tova to residents of other countries if they have “urgent business”)”.