The expert called long-standing position of the Polish demand compensation from Russia

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Senior research fellow, Institute of Slavic studies, RAS Vadim Volobuev commented on the demand of the Polish ruling party “law and justice” of reparations for damage during world war II.

According to experts, Poland expresses similar claims not only in Russia but also Ukraine and Germany, because it can not get rid of historical grievances.

At the same time for Polish politicians does not matter that the USSR liberated Warsaw, says Volobuev.

“we Need to perceive it as a natural phenomenon, to change the party’s position impossible, and to argue with it does not make sense”, – he said in an interview with RT.

Earlier in Poland, said that Russia is obliged to pay for the country compensation for damage in the Second world war. According to the leader of the ruling party of the Republic, “law and justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the requirements of the Republic in this matter “does not expire”.

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