the Union of the Arkhangelsk region and Nenets Autonomous district, and so questionable, threatens and does turn into a farce. At the meeting of the working group, the representative from NAO Matthew Chuprunov proposed to include in a single region and the Komi Republic.

they Say, “three” is better than “kopeck piece” – as the winds during a working session. And all three regions, they say, are linked historically, geographically and infrastructurally. The only inhabitants of the NAO is not very happy Union, even one with the Arkhangelsk oblast, which is far more difficult economic situation than Autonomous Okrug. And if you offer them to take “on balance” and even subsidized the Republic, the explosion of anger is inevitable. The idea of a “triple Alliance” of “MK” asked to estimate expert.

Alexander KANEV, associate Professor, Department of political science faculty of social Sciences of the Higher school of economy:

I think about any serious unification it can not go. Let me remind you, this idea is the rejection of the inhabitants of the Nenets Autonomous district. Past attempts to unite 2006-2007 ended with mass protests. Then in 2007 the “United Russia” typed on elections to the state Duma in the region of the smallest number of votes out of all the 83 subjects of the Russian Federation. Then 12 years, this subject chose not to raise. And now the people who initiate this process of unification, creating enormous risks, provoking protests. They have already caused a negative wave in other regions, because began to appear different suggestions from friends on new consolidations. Who on this thread just to catch the hype. But in a crisis it is very dangerous. People are on edge, they are still new horror stories are not enough. In good, Central government would need it to crawl. And I’m not sure that the Federal government is involved. I do think that this new offer is a way of expressing dissatisfaction with the project, which will lead to the virtual elimination of the Nenets Autonomous district.