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Director General of VTSIOM Valery Fedorov presented the dynamics of the indicators “Index of readiness for the future”, measurements which are carried out from 2017. And was named the three most current trend in the area of “Resources and environment”: the availability and intelligent use of key natural resources, creating a system of total recycling and development of alternative energy sources.

the Participants of the discussion agreed that climate issue is the most discussed subject of world ecology, a Central point in the issue of security of resources is the issue of sufficiency of energy resources and access to them. As noted in his speech the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on environment and natural resources of the RSPP, the General Director of “EuroChem” Igor Nechaev, “it is advisable to formulate a national target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which would encourage sustainable development of the Russian economy based on energy efficiency”.

In the course of discussion it was: according to the RSPP, for 1990-2017 years, Russia has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by almost 50 percent. And independent experts, and regulatory authorities also note a trend: Russian industrial companies seek to implement advanced technologies. Investments in the modernization of production will significantly reduce the load on the environment. So, for example, located in the Murmansk region Kovdor GOK emissions in the atmosphere today is already twice lower than existing state standards, and last year the plant was further directed on protection of atmospheric air more than 140 million rubles.

– a Huge work on reduction of harmful emissions has already been done to our industry and the world should know about it, – said Igor Nechaev. But a lot depends on each of us. Each is enough to plant some trees to offset the carbon emissions that we produce. After all, we are only able to affect what PLAneta is upon us, and what will remain after.

it’s hard to disagree. And, as described in the discussion VTSIOM, this position supports 94 percent of Russians.