July 22 and 23 graduates of Russian schools pass the oral part of the exam in foreign languages. This is the shortest United state of all because it lasts only 15 minutes. And in addition (of course, if you believe the reviews JSS) is one of the easiest. That’s just the organizers, as they say the guys were not always on top.

the whole oral part of the exam in foreign languages (one of them now includes English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese) are removed in just 15 minutes. However, children with disabilities, under the existing rules, additionally get another 15 minutes. But in this situation the test remains the exam blitz. So pass it seem to not even having time to really get scared.

Seriously the same, as is evident from the correspondence in social networks, was strozole only those who have had to pass this exam on the second day, and the waiting seemed unbearable to them:

– Really, why not write anything? (about the oral part of the exam in foreign languages, “MK”.) – neither light nor dawn got against the far East, traditionally the first in our country going to the exams and other torture events Veronica, obviously living somewhere to the West.

– did Not survive after the exam, and mocking suggested the answer to this vital question of Faith.

But “survivor” is still found. And even shared with those who still have the exam, stories about what they got tasks:

– it Was not difficult,- said Sabina (original language preserved: “MK”.).- The first picture was of two children on holiday, the sea type, the second don’t remember, and the third was a girl who was engaged. The fourth task was a picture about a different profession. I don’t think you have the same option will be, but the difficulty level is the same as on the fipi (the website of the Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements, where available demo tasks exam – “MK”.), nothing unusual there.

– it Was very easy by someone with the nickname Kichiro Mura.

– Children were compared, says about the pictures-job Daria.

– And I had a profession, – says Valeria.

– The ways of spending your free time (How do you spend your free time – “MK”), and continuing to think in the language of a recent exam, complete a global picture of Eva

in Short, things turned out as in that joke: maybe horror, but not WHAS-the horror, the horror! However, while those who take the exam tomorrow, doing this information on a mustache, add to denote a barrel of honey the spoon of tar. Or even a half.

first, as written in social networks Nikita, somewhere on the ground in the paragraphs of the examinations was “a ban on chocolates and water in the classrooms in some regions and scandals with those shorts come.” Specific places where was this outrage, he, unfortunately, was not called. But generally in the context of the terrible heat all the above guy, in its pure form reason for appeal the procedure of single of the use or at least the complaints “hot line” of the exam. So anyone who will move in for the exam on 23 July, is to realise that.

Well, remaining half spoon can serve as information that the number of regions in the first half of the day on July 22 the participants of the exam in Russian language and has not received their results. Basically, as you can see from the correspondence in social networks, they do not have the students who took this exam on the second day. However, the results still has to come to them.

HELP “MK”. the Decision on delivery of the oral part of the exam in foreign languages is voluntary. The most popular language is English: it enrolled more than 95 thousand people. For others the number of participants ranges from 1.5 thousand to two or three hundred. This exam is held on computer equipment. The results will be announced no later than August 2.