a decision on the timing of the exam due pandemic coronavirus can be modified after may 12, said the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov. He did not exclude the transfer of the unified state exam at a later date. The Minister also said that ninth-graders in 2020 can certify on current estimates, and basic state exam (MSE) to cancel.

“We understand that enrollment in higher education, we can’t spend without unified state examination. While the decision is that the tests carried out on 8 June. But I do not exclude that after the holidays, after may 12, perhaps this decision will be adjusted, again, depending on the situation that will be,” said Mr. Kravtsov in the program “Dialogue” on the channel “Russia 24”.

He added that the prom in schools will take place, when will the epidemic situation. “And I hope that exhaust too, as the situation permits, will be held. Here, each region is taking certain decisions”, — said the Minister.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of education Sergey Kravtsov said that the Ministry is discussing the possibility of the abolition of the Fundamental state exams for ninth graders, instead, they can hold the certification in the final assessment. This year the exams for the ninth grade will leave only compulsory subjects — Russian language and mathematics. However, the Minister believes that exactly cancel the exam impossible.