The ex-wife of the arrested rector of Voronezh found foreign accounts and a house in Italy

New details in the case of a bribe the rector of the Voronezh state technical University. According to information “News of Voronezh” during the searches, investigators found documents on the property which has been issued to the ex-wife of kolodyazhne, including the apartment in Turkey and a house in Italy. Also, the woman opened several accounts abroad. In addition, the defendant found three million rubles cash. In fact, Sergey Kolodyazhny divorced his wife, but the daughter they are raising together.

we will Remind, Sergey Kolodyazhny is suspected of receiving a bribe of two million rubles received from the employee. At the moment he is arrested until April 28 and is in jail. Also SK is investigating the information about the embezzlement of more than $ 70 million roubles of means of support of the University through the accrual of bonuses to employees.

SK has indicted the former head of the University in accepting bribes. However, the defence appealed the arrest of Kolodiazhne. Soon the complaint will be considered in regional court.

the Former head of the University refused to admit his guilt, adhering to a version of false accusation. Supposedly he helped to convict of bribery VGTU Vice-rector Vadim Chugunov, in response, wife latest Ksenia Chugunova wrote a statement in which he indicated that in the period from 2015 to 2020 passed Kolodyazhny bribes in exchange for protection.

in addition, the ex-rector said that wages acts in the University is quite high, including subordinates. Therefore, develop some scheme for two million rubles is unreasonable.

“Employees who work and commercial contracts, monthly officially receive 600 thousand rubles. For 4 years I was three times raised the salary, it is possible to check the statutes and collective agreements. Even family Chugunova over the past 2 years purchased a new Jaguar, a Mercedes and a two-bedroom apartment. Pso it is unclear why, at a salary of 600 thousand rubles to the rector to participate in the corruption scheme on two million?”, – said Sergey Kolodyazhny.

At the moment detained with Kolodyazhny two VGTU Vice-rector Alexander Kolosov and Sergey Safonov and his Deputy Larissa Perevozchikova released from prison. However, they remain suspects. According to the law, defendants can avoid criminal prosecution in exchange for assistance in solving the crime.

Also note that among the first of the schemes of the former rector, told his Deputy Igor Drozdov. Until the decision of the Ministry of education, he was appointed acting head of reference University.

Text: GTRK “Voronezh”