Your Ex-girlfriend has apparently found a very perfidious way, to hurt you during the separation and beyond. What are the motives they had at the time, could at most explain themselves. Possible that they wanted you to actually bind to, it is possible that it was simply a nasty insult.

in this Situation, no means that you could easily and without any contact to know if your Ex has actually born a child. In principle, it is thus that a woman must call at the time of birth, the name of the father. She refuses, the child will have a guardian, and it has financial consequences for the woman. It would also be possible that a new Partner has acknowledged the child. That would have been at the time of the case, could you not assert your fatherhood today, but without any further from you.

so You’ll stay in a lot of facets supplied. It is even more important that you sort it all out for you personally, exactly what’s draining you. Your Worries have intensified as it went with you and your partner to the family planning. New Fears seem to have old Provide a Wake-up call. Discuss with your partner what is bothering you in the Now, instead of these issues behind old fears to hide.

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