The ex goalkeeper Sevilla Andres Palop had coronavirus

MOSCOW, 14 APR – RIA Novosti. Former goalkeeper of the Spanish football clubs Valencia and Sevilla Andres Palop said in his Instagram that has been ill and has recovered from the coronavirus.

According to 46-year-old Palop, due to an infection he spent 12 days in the hospital but is now recovered and already home. Further, the goalkeeper will have to spend another 14 days in isolation, before he will be able to meet with their loved ones.

the Pandemic of novel coronavirus infection called COVID-19 was declared by the world health organization (who) on March 11. Currently in the world recorded more than 1.8 million cases of infection with coronavirus, more than 117 thousand people died.

In Spain, according to the latest data, revealed nearly 170 thousand cases, about 17.5 million people died.