The EU's external borders finally closed for visiting of foreigners

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the forced character accept emergency measures. According to her, they are designed to contain the spread COVID-19 who were ill already more than 55 thousand Europeans (including more than 30 thousand in Italy 9 thousand in Spain and 5 thousand in France and Germany). While Merkel acknowledged that struggling desperately with the coronavirus block ahead literally painful economic future.

Turkey threatens the EU the influx of refugees over the unfulfilled promises

“We should assume that the consequences for our economies will be very serious,” said the German Chancellor, urging to ensure the free movement of goods within the EU borders. According to Euroactiv, which refers to the opinion of well-informed European diplomat, Berlin believes that the crisis “will last for months.” And its damage to the economy of a United Europe will exceed hundreds of billions of euros.

In turn, the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said that the ban on visits to EU citizens in third countries “can be extended if necessary”. The exemption for free travel to the EU currently accorded to citizens who left the “United Europe” of the UK, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the foreign medical workers and scientists.

In Brussels believe that the crisis with the coronavirus will last for months, and the economic damage will amount to hundreds of billions of euros

For the practical implementation of the adopted EU decisions will be the responsibility of its member countries. And more recently, conducted a policy of “open doors” Germany immediately partners showed an example of how to act – German law enforcement authorities have already taken the border under strict control, told the magazine Spiegel.

Photo: AP Greek VLAsti asking for the European Union and Washington

Another teleconference with the participation of leaders of Germany, France, Britain on Tuesday was held with Turkey. Within hours, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel macron and Boris Johnson tried to persuade Recep Tayyip Erdogan to reduce immigration pressure on the EU’s external borders, primarily in Greece. However, according to Greek newspaper Kathimerini, to achieve mutual understanding with openly blackmailed the EU with a new influx of illegal immigrants Erdogan parties have failed again. In the same way as in the previous face-to-face conversation, the Turkish leader with its European partners, held on 9 March.

it is possible that the newly failed negotiations between Brussels and Ankara began the cause the next attempt of the hundreds of migrants literally hack the border of Greece. About the incident, which occurred on the night of Wednesday, reported in Athens. However, this time the Greek law enforcement authorities, with the support of the European border Agency Frontex successfully drove erupting into the EU of illegal immigrants, tear gas.

the Curtain, though not of iron, fell around the EU for all foreigners, including openly used by Turkey for political ends of illegal immigrants.