The European Union will send to fight the coronavirus 140 million euros

17 projects related to the fight against the epidemic of the coronavirus, including the developers of the vaccine from COVID-19 European Union will provide financial support in the amount of € 140 million.

European Union Leaders to discuss the critical situation without violating the regime of self-isolation, he came to the conclusion about the need to increase the support of the European research groups and companies. The participants of the conference stressed that a global pandemic is not the time for secrets.

“Must be within the EU and worldwide to exchange scientific information and collaborate on development of a vaccine in the shortest possible time and make it available to all who need it, without any geographical barriers”, — reads the statement of the European Council, adopted during the videoconference March 26.

to Run the EU will be with partners in the G7 and the G20. Funding for the projects will provide including the European investment Bank.

in addition, the Eurogroup should for 2 weeks to present to the Council his proposals for the social and economic impact of the pandemic coronavirus. They must consider “unprecedented shock”, the statement reads.