The European Union: the UK wants to undermine EU unity before trade talks

the European Union says that Britain is trying to weaken the position of the bloc in trade negotiations, conducting negotiations with individual countries-EU members, Reuters reports.

the EU Also urged governments in the bloc not to hold “parallel talks” with London.

In the document, the EU stated that the negotiating position of the bloc could be undermined if member States will conduct separate talks with Britain, while the parties have yet to discuss trade relations after the final of Britain’s exit from the bloc.

Formal negotiations began in Brussels this week, a little more than a month after Brexit. The aim is to reach agreement on new trade relationships by the end of this year.

“we Have information that the British colleagues speak to us at different levels and trying to deal with issues related to (trade) negotiations,” — said at a meeting in Brussels, a senior diplomat from Croatia, which holds the EU presidency in the first half of 2020.

“(We) would like to ask (EU) to refrain from participating in those contacts, which can be perceived as parallel negotiations, on the merits, and may undermine the position of the EU and negotiator”, — stated in the minutes of the meeting.

As you know, the Executive body of the EU, the European Commission is responsible for negotiating on behalf of 27 member States, and the Frenchman Michel Barnier is the main negotiator.

asked to comment On representative British government said that Britain is clear that it is in talks about their future relations with the EU with the European Commission, and already the EC needs to find common ground between EU countries.

the EU has long been concern that Britain will try to split the countries of the block to try to take a winning position in the negotiations.