The European Union predicts little impact of the outbreak of the coronavirus in the economy block

the Current outbreak of coronavirus in the world will have only a “negligible” impact on the economy of the European Union, reports Reuters, citing EU officials.

the Epidemic of the coronavirus led to the deaths of over a thousand people in China and undermined the country’s economic growth, which led to difficulties for Chinese companies after the resumption of work after the Lunar new year celebration in the country.

Many companies have already hastened to declare that they will need loans for billions of dollars to stay afloat.

According to the scenario, which provides for the restriction of China’s economic growth this year by 1 percentage point due to the coronavirus, the impact on the economy of the 27 countries in the EU will be negligible, said the representatives of the bloc on condition of anonymity.

the EU said that any slowdown in economic growth at this stage will remain limited to China and other Asian countries, leading to a possible decrease in overall global growth this year by 0.2 percentage points.

However, the sources in the EU said that their estimate is preliminary and depends on the effectiveness of measures to combat the outbreak of the coronavirus.

the European Commission, the Executive body of the EU, will publish on Thursday its quarterly growth forecasts for the economy block as at 2020 and at 2021.