The European Union and the Schengen zone the border closed for a month due to coronavirus

the European Union and the Schengen zone the border closed for a month due to coronavirus the European Union and the Schengen zone the border closed for a month due to coronavirus

the European Union and the Schengen zone close the border because of a coronavirus from March 17 to 30 days, announced in a televised address to the nation the President of France Emmanuel macron. Between the non-European countries and the European Union are suspended for this period. Macron said that European leaders have taken this decision on the morning of 16 March.

the President stressed that “the threat of coronavirus has become a reality”. “We are in a state of sanitary war. Our enemy is invisible, but he is, and he comes,” said macron (quoted by TASS). “I again ask you to stay home and keep calm. We have to protect ourselves in the long term”, – the President said to the French. However, he assured that the French outside of the country and wishing to return home will be able to return home.

France became the third European country after Italy and Spain have decided to impose a restriction on the movement of people. According to Macron, the authorities went for it because of the non-citizens of the sanitary norms and recommendations of the Ministry of health. On March 17 and a minimum of 15 days any movement will be greatly restricted, meetings, family and friendly meetings are not permitted. The President urged the French to cancel the street walks, retaining only the most necessary move, and to comply with sanitary norms.

the interior Minister Christoph Kastner reported that adherence on the streets will be watched by more than 100 thousand withthe members of the police force. He said that from March 17, allowed only the necessary movement in the territories: the place of work, shopping, in the cases related to health. While the legal Department will need to produce a document that justifies a visit to the workplace, the inability of remote work. In case of violation of the prohibition shall be imposed a fine of 38 euros, and upon repeated violation, it may grow to 135 euros.

For the period of the epidemic of coronavirus in France suspended all reforms are at different stages of consideration in Parliament, including a controversial pension reform. Now all forces of the Parliament and government should be focused on the fight against the epidemic, said the President.

As expected, this Wednesday at the meeting of the Council of Ministers shall be submitted to the bill that extends the government’s ability to respond to an emergency. After that the project will be submitted to Parliament. As reported by the Makron, he raised this topic in conversation with the chairmen of the Senate and the National Assembly to vote was as quickly as possible.He called on “all political, social, trade unionists, all the French to be part of this national unity, to create a Union, which would allow France to overcome the crisis”.

Separately, the President of France stopped for special measures to support enterprises has been seriously affected by the epidemic. So, the government will provide guarantees for the payment of debts of the companies are in a difficult position. Will be exempt from utility payments and taxes for small businesses.

“We mobilize exceptional resources for the deferment of payment of taxes and social contributions, Bank debt of enterprises. Will be provided state guarantees for 300 billion euros in all Bank loanm”, – promised the Makron. If the situation does not improve over time, small companies that are in distress do not have to pay any taxes or social contributions. Also, the authorities decided to suspend the collection of businesses payments for gas, electricity, water and rent.

the French President confirmed the introduction by the authorities of the mechanism of partial unemployment, to protect personnel from the coronavirus. The state will take over the payment of compensation to employees who are forced to stay home.

In France in the fight against coronavirus Sunday, closed all the stores except grocery and drug stores. Online retail and delivery service continue to work without restrictions. Closed cafes, restaurants, cinemas. According to the latest data of the Agency of health of France, the number of cases of infection with the new coronavirus in the country has exceeded 6.6 thousand, died of 148 people. The number of cases, as specified by the Agency, has increased in recent days in 1210, the number of deaths by 21.