Within the past day have 186 persons lost their lives to the coronavirus in France.

the Number of coronarelaterede deaths in France continues its steep rise.

Within the past day have 186 persons lost their lives to the coronavirus.

this was stated by The minister of health, Olivier Veran, according to AFP.

With the recent deaths in France exceeded the total death toll for Europe of 10,000. It writes the AFP.

The new dødstilfælde brings the total number in France up on the 860. The figure Monday is higher than on both Saturday and Sunday, where both days were registered 112 new dødstilfælde related to coronaviruses.

In all 19.856 persons confirmed infected with the coronavirus in the country. 8675 of these are in the hospital, where the 2082 is in an intensive care unit.

the Majority of the deaths in Europe have occurred in Italy, where 6077 people have lost their lives to the coronavirus. Then follows Spain with 2182 deaths and France with 860. In Denmark is 24 deaths related to coronaviruses.

Europe has registered 184.138 smittetilfælde. Thus Europe is the continent where the virus is spreading most rapidly.

The official figures for coronasmitte shows only a fraction of the real figures, as many countries do not test everyone with symptoms, including France.

the Authorities introduced Tuesday partially curfew over the whole of France. Have an errand that requires that you move outside, you must have filled out a statement of what you need.

they do not Have this statement, are liable to a fine amounting to 1000 crowns.

The French prime minister, Édouard Philippe, has plans to introduce tough new measures to get coronavirusset to life.

In a live interview on French tv on Monday tells Philippe that he will later on Monday sign a decree, which from Tuesday will put restrictions on how far people may run from their home.

It will mean that on jogs or walks with the dog must citizens do not get more than a mile away from their home address.

Local authorities in France has reported 20 deaths in a nursing home in the Vosges region in the eastern part of the country may be related to the coronavirus.

Authorities will also provide Monday, to four doctors more in France, is dead after having been infected with the coronavirus.