the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for the EU to sue China to the international court of justice in the Hague, as well as to apply in relation to China’s economic measures pressure in the case that Beijing will host the national security law for Hong Kong.

“the European Parliament calls on the EU and its member countries in the case that new safety law will be applied to Hong Kong, to file against China’s claim in the international court of justice”, – says the resolution.

From the point of view of European deputies, the basis of filing a claim becomes a violation after the introduction of the law in virtue of the principle of “one country, two systems”, defining the Autonomous status of Hong Kong.

Judicial proceedings in the International court of justice will begin only if the consent of all interested States to a trial in court.

in addition, the European Parliament began preparing for the introduction of anti-China economic constraints for the violation of human rights and freedom of the media.