the Work of the EUROPEAN Parliament should continue under coronapandemien. It requires new forms of work, considers the president.

Political group meetings, on conference calls, and fjernafstemning of the e-mail is becoming the new daily life in the EU Parliament during the coronakrisen.

Members of the EUROPEAN Parliament, as many other find new ways to work despite.

Already 10. march elected EU president of the european Parliament, David Sassoli, to cancel many of the activities of the european Parliament in march.

Therefore, much of the work remained quiet the last time.

But tailor-made systems to the conference call, which provides space for both the interpreters and talerlister, is to ensure that the work can continue, says Kira Marie Peter-Hansen (SF), which is a member of the green group in the EUROPEAN Parliament.

– I expect that the committees are up and running again within a few weeks. But now there’s also been some systems which make it possible to continue with both group and committee meetings with many participants, she says.

But it provides many challenges, when the 705 members from 27 different countries, which are used to meet physically in either Brussels or Strasbourg, not can meet.

the Work must, however, continue in the EU Parliament, says David Sassoli prior to an extraordinary session Thursday.

– today we are present – though it is external – and united in this so far exceptional format.

– We are determined to make our contribution in the fight against this pandemic by ensuring that the democratic work in the parliament can continue, says David Sassoli.

At Thursday’s special session it has, for the first time ever been possible for the EU members of the european Parliament to fjernstemme.

But the system can only come into being recently and can provide uncertainties, and therefore, it will probably also be developed, considers Kira Marie Peter-Hansen.

– There has been talk of using the internal system of parliament. Or you can use the national parliaments afstemningsmetoder, so we can vote in our country.

– But the system has worked well enough in the day. One can, however, feel that parliament is accustomed to, that we are physically present and voting in the chamber, she says.

There is one month to the next scheduled session of the EU Parliament, and for the time expect Kira Marie Peter-Hansen, there has been work on the model for that voice from the distance.