The European Parliament approved the agreement on Britain's withdrawal from the EU

the European Parliament approved the agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. The vote was preceded by heated debate. Brexit is scheduled for January 31. After the transition period begins, which will last until the end of 2020. During this time, have to negotiate a new trade agreement. At the meeting of the European Parliament sounded hopeful that Brussels and London will remain friends. Is it real?

It was the last debate of the European Parliament in its current composition: after their mandates pass 73 deputies from the UK. Seats will go to other parties, the Parliament will be more right in the political spectrum.

the Party of Nigel Farrago Brexit did not wait and left the hall directly during the discussion of the agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

With the approval of the incapacity of the European Union in its current form agreed, even the most Pro-European MPs. Reforms are necessary, otherwise soon, this Parliament will debate the release of the following countries of the European Union.

Three and a half years it took the parties to agree a British exit from the EU. However, the negotiations are just beginning. The so-called transitional period, the agreement takes 11 months.

the Government of Boris Johnson promised to negotiate the future relationship with the European Union by the end of 2020. In Brussels it is not very much believe the President of the European Parliament said that the time is too short for the approval of the trade, customs, visa and other agreements. Although the known position of the EU: Brussels will seek a comprehensive agreement, excluding the possibility of bilateral contacts in the UK with individual members of the Alliance.