The European football clubs could lose 4 billion euros from coronavirus

Recall, almost all the European Championships is paused. And there would be no chance to complete them, if UEFA agreed to postpone for a year the European Championships scheduled for next summer. “UEFA have shown unprecedented solidarity and gave the priority to complete the national tournaments,” – said in a statement on the organization’s website.

Photo: REUTERS European championship on football has moved from 2020 to 2021

it is Obvious that the shift of the timing of such events will cost the organizers a pretty penny. “UEFA will pay the price for the transfer of Euro-2020” – stated the head of European football Aleksander Ceferin, founder. According to the Athletic, it is already known that the costs associated with the annual postponement of the tournament, will total 303 million euros. This amount of UEFA, as reported, was going to demand from clubs which he has made concessions. Which is true, because the transfer of the championship of Europe hypothetically gave the clubs the opportunity to avoid greater losses.

According to the consulting company KPMG, the total forgone revenue from the matches and broadcasts in the major leagues of England, Italy, Spain, Germany and France can achieve 4 billion euros. Will lose the British – about 1.25 billion. Not surprisingly, given the enormous contracts of the Premier League from TV. In fact, 800 million Euro of the said amount is just lost revenues from the broadcasts.

Spanish La Liga alone on the broadcasts may lose 600 million euros, Italian Serie a – 450 million, the German Bundesliga 400 million, French League 1 – 200 million

Clubs leading five European leagues can lose up to 4 billion euros, if the current season will not be able to finish

However, now that the Euro is postponed for a year, at the national Championships appeared space. Although the spirit of the to translate early: because no one for sure can say how the situation will develop with the spread of coronavirus.

in the meantime, UEFA is planning that the majority of the national Championships will be completed by June 30. For example, Russian Premier League, according to unofficial sources, plans to resume 3 or may 17. However, in this case, the game will have at a furious pace – sometimes even two days on the third. Do not forget about the competitions that UEFA are determined to bring to an end, and also about the matches of the national teams, postponed from March to June.

Photo: Valery Matytsin/TASS RPL, the KHL and the United League suspended the season April 10

But back to talking about finances. Since the coronavirus in the coming weeks, completely cut off from clubs all sources of income, football bosses in full thinking how to minimize operating costs. The option that lies on the surface: to reduce or to completely freeze the salaries of players, were on the compelled vacation. To the extent legally possible – the big question, so the case is limited to mostly calls to “help” employers.

However, the players to meet the clubs particular desire to evince. In Italy, the players Association has already stated that it does not intend to make any concessions in this matter.

But in France the law seems to allow not to take into account the opinion of the players. The advantage of “Amiens”, the first in the country to reduce the wages of employees of the club, including the players of the first team, at 16 percent.

In the Russian Premier League the question is even more relevant given the fact that the contracts with the Legionnaires spelled out in euros and paid in rubles.