the European economy started to gradually recover from the effects of the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus. The slow recovery in the Eurozone according to Bloomberg. Major manufacturers and retail sellers slowly gaining momentum after many weeks of downtime.

it is Expected that the Eurozone economy will shrink at least eight percent, and some sectors will be changed forever. In June greatly improved the mood of society regarding the scope of employment, however, in some sectors the figures are 60 percent lower than they were before the epidemic. At the same time, consumer confidence continues to rise, and households expect the General economic situation improves. In particular, the improvement justified the campaign to stimulate the economy and promises to provide hundreds of billions of euros in support.

Earlier in June, it became known that Germany, which is called the main economy of Europe, got into debt. The country issued 10-year bonds at 4.14 billion euros. Now Germany is experiencing the worst recession since the Second world war, this year she could lose 6.3 percent of GDP.