The EU leaders will come to the Turkish border to see the refugee

“Support Greece’s efforts to protect European borders”, – wrote in his Twitter Charles Michel. Ursula von der Leyen also writes about the “events of concern” and assured that the EU authorities are in close contact with the Greek and Bulgarian Prime Ministers. Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis said that the Council of national security of the country “has decided to improve the level of deterrence at the border” and that new applications for asylum will not be accepted during the month.

the French government wants to deprive Turkey of the status of a political refugee

But despite the positive statements, it seems that the EU just doesn’t know what to do with the flow of migrants, issued by Turkey. And judging by the statements of Alexandroupolis, the Greek city, located near the Turkish border, the Greek border guards and police have equipped very badly. “Now collect food and juices, to bring on the border – local media reported. – Have croissants, water and juice”. Also to lift the spirit of troops and police on the border came from the neighboring Metropolitan areas.

estimates of the EU office of the International organization for migration UN (IOM), is now more than 13 thousand people are on the Greek-Turkish border length of 212 kilometers, trying to break into the European Union. Among them a significant portion of men, young and middle-aged. They spread a network captured on phone video. Judging by the shots, it’s more like the assault on the Greek border, than the asylum.

Young people throwing burning tires to the barbed wire, partitioning approaches to KPP Pazarkule and Ipsala near the cities of Edirne and Ipsala – there are two main trails in Greece. On the Greek side there are cars with hoses, the crews are trying to extinguish the fire.

judging by the shooting of Turkish television channels, in some places, migrants are allowed forward of women with children

rumor has it that the refugees carry tear gas grenades, which they throw next to him, andthe claim that they fired at the Greek border guards. Smugglers already, by some accounts, his business, and at night carrying migrants across a narrow river the Maritsa on the Greek side. To cause more concern, the refugees keep their children in the smoke of fires below came the tears. Judging by the shooting of Turkish television channels, in some places, migrants are allowed forward of women with children, those sneak under the wire and run away in the box. Isolated guards and police, armed only with batons, nothing to do not. On Monday there was a report that one refugee was killed while trying to cross the border, but the Greek authorities called it a fake and “Turkish propaganda.” According to the Greek knowledge, were detained for illegally crossing the border 68, and nearly ten thousand deported back to Turkey. Interestingly, the Ministry said Greece has already penetrated more than 117 thousands of refugees.

meanwhile, as the head of the Turkish office of the IOM Lado Gvilava, during the first March, all new migrants came to the border from Istanbul by bus, car, taxi. “Most of them are male, although many families with children. After sunset they continued to come, reports of quilava. – We try to give them some food and water to help. The night temperature here is now around zero, and many of the arrivals are dressed literally in rags”.

Covering the situation of migrants journalists were beaten in Greece

But the land border with Greece is not the only direction of the flow of migrants.

some of them sailing on boats of southwest Turkey and the Greek Islands, which are sometimes located at a distance of several kilometers from the Turkish coast. Especially, according to the news, suffering the island of Lesbos, which is separated from the mainland by a Strait of width of less than twenty kilometers. There is also not without casualties – during a stop at the request of the Greek border ship boat with migrants overturned, one child utonbuilding On the Lesvos and other Islands such as Chios, local residents raised at the end of February the revolt against the construction of new camps for migrants.

interestingly, migrants themselves say that the smugglers, making the transportation of refugees to Greece in the last days approach to migrants and offer free shipping, despite the fact that usually it requires a few thousand dollars per person. “We don’t know who paid for our shipping to Lesbos” – media quoted the words of the refugees sitting on the beach of a Greek island.