May 6 videoconference summit, the EU and the Balkans. The EU leaders supported the European perspective for the Balkan countries, gave them €3.3 billion to combat coronavirus and its implications, and most importantly — it is announced at autumn strong investment plan for the region, which is already being called a new Marshall plan. European diplomatic sources “Kommersant” said that one of the objectives of the EU — combating the rising influence in the region Russia and China. With details — the correspondent of “Kommersant” in the Balkans Gennady Sysoev.Initially, the EU—Balkans was held in Zagreb 6-7 may, and become the main event of the Croatian presidency of the EU. However, because of the epidemic of the coronavirus meeting at all and wanted to cancel, and then decided to spend it in the format of videoconference. However, the summit is still called Zagreb.But promises about the future full membership of the Balkan States followed. As explained to Kommersant on condition of anonymity, a European diplomatic sources in addition to traditional skeptics on this score — France and Holland — the inclusion in the outcome document of the wording of the EU enlargement and Germany objected, believing that the time has not come yet.Thus, as two years ago in Sofia, which hosted the previous summit of EU—the Balkans, the Zagreb meeting is not more specific regarding the prospects of European integration of the Balkan region. Failed the organizers to consolidate the final document and the position on the annual holding of such summits. So the European Union back in 2003 at the Thessaloniki summit promise to open doors to the Balkan countries still remains the only formal confirmation of the European perspective.However, the main expectations of the Balkan countries today seem to be involved with getting from Brussels is not so much the date of entry into the EU, as the schedule of financial assistance to the region that is just beginning to emerge from the crisis associated with the epidemic of the coronavirus. And here the European leaders ‘ expectations of the Balkans have tried to justify.In addition, European leaders urged the European Commission to come to autumn with a strong investment plan for the Balkans whose purpose would be to restore the economy of the region and strengthening its ties with the EU.This document is called a new Marshall plan. In any case, the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell acknowledged in an interview with Balkan reporters on the eve of the Zagreb summit that this is the essence of the plan that the EU will prepare to fall.However, the promise of the Balkans, nor will they be unconditional. EU leaders link it “with real progress in the field of rule of law and reform, and commitment to the values, rules and standards of the European Union”. From the countries of the region �� Brussels waiting for “solid evidence” in the fight against organized crime and corruption, the solution of all bilateral disputes.This is confirmed by Reuters and the diplomat of the European Union, participated in the preparation of the Zagreb summit: “the Summit itself sends a signal. We want you to join (EU.— “Kommersant”). But we also want to say that you can’t pander to China and Russia when it suits you”.