The FDP-swing in European politics has put the Federal government in Bern in vibrations. Since the free Democrat Federal house group entrance on the offensive for the present framework agreement with the European Union – and thus of the line of the party leadership deviates, are also advised to entrenchment of positions to Slip.

especially the social Democrats to rotate. The long smoldering broke out at the end of the conflict between the SP and the trade Union wing who demands a framework contract with independent protection of Wages, and the liberal wing of the party, to the present text of the contract is positive,.

This week, there was a vague conciliation attempt, The group announced a “Yes to Europe” and a “Yes to the protection of Wages”. Including can imagine now each SPler what he wants. Once again, the future shape of the wage protection is at the heart of the debate: in the past year Alone 3600 foreign companies have been sanctioned due to violations of the posted workers act. How strongly wages are under pressure, shows an example of a case from the Bernese Jura. There is the Revision of a large concrete plant, stand at the beginning of 2018. More than 90 Büezer traveled for a variety of Work from abroad, Employees of companies from Poland, Hungary, Portugal, France and Austria.

No charges, travel times, and minimum wages

As a labour market control, in the Canton of Bern, supported by the Jurassic plant, the revised posted workers in the framework of a large control, promoted her to light a long series of dramatic breaches. The list of complaints is Sunday view. It shows that Even in the more qualified Occupations, Swiss wages of a Bang to be hard to undercut.

Polish job, about received no expenses, their travel times were not counted as working hours, how to read in the report. Two Hungarians who were brought in for Welding and metalwork in the Jura, fared the same.
Also fallen below the applicable minimum wages were established: A 29-year-old French metal worker, the employer, JTM paid from Vallerois-Lorioz an hourly wage equivalent to 11.17 francs. According to the sector-wide collective employment contract (CEC) is the minimum wage at 23.55 CHF!

Hungarian metal worker gave the checkers to earn 26 Euro per hour. However, a frozen labour contract estimated the monthly wage of only 138’000 Hungarian Forint. “This gives the equivalent of approx. 517 Swiss francs,” notes the report.

In this style it goes on, page after page. The Polish job worked for 21 Swiss francs per hour. According to the total work required the contract to be binding, just under 30 francs. A French skilled construction workers, 37 years old, gave to Protocol, to earn 2200 euros per month. This corresponds to around 2600 francs. The CEA requires 5058 francs.

Not only is the construction industry

The trade unionists Corrado Pardini (53), SP-national councillor from the Canton of Berne, affected, alarmed. “The case shows how, in Switzerland, wages are down and how huge the Dimension of wage dumping, without labour market control.” For 30 years, Pardini accompanied the development on the local labour market and the system of checks of trade unions and employers, the abuses to slide a bar: “for a Long time is affected not only construction, but also the core, the heart of our prosperity: business and the industry.”

Foreign firms have made Swiss Farms with unfair means of competition. The operations in the Bernese Jura takes Pardini as the occasion for a fundamental critique of the present framework agreement: “When we say a blind Yes, as would the FDP, then good night!” The free sense of the protection of Wages appears to be generally a thorn in the eye.

the text of The contract a framework agreement with the European Union, don’t do it in the future, only more difficult to discover such cases, but exacerbating the Problem in addition, Pardini convinced. It is questionable whether offending companies should be denied in the future, the access to the Swiss market: “If I concede a walkover but in the case of a radar, the driver will not be fined, then hardly anyone keeps to the speed limit.”