a man Visits a Restaurant. He ordered soup, he ordered a salad. He ordered the main course and he ordered the Dessert, cheese, coffee, Cognac.

And then the guest responds indignantly, when the host brings a bill.

Switzerland sits and feasts on a long time in the Restaurant Europe. The politicians in charge of the price of the individual dishes is escaped on the card by no means. You have ignored this price, but studiously.

For the first Time, with a possible framework agreement has has. our state government in January 2008

For the first Time the EU held in the summer of 2010, according to the strong criticism of the Swiss Eight-day rule.

For the first Time the EU has demanded from Switzerland in the summer of 2011 officially the Acquisition of the Union citizens Directive.

And today, we are indignant that Brussels is pushing for the conclusion of a framework agreement?

Today, we feel blindsided us, the EU calls for a slowdown in the Eight-day rule?

That it insists on the Acquisition of the Union citizens Directive?

Indeed, on Friday published the framework agreement, meets the pit of the Swiss audience like a punch in the stomach.

Because this audience was not prepared for such a contract. In order to give the SVP no food, have the rest of the parties, all represented progress, the Federal Council, the topic of Europe in the last few years, against better Knowledge, as a free à la carte menu. It is embossed the image of Bilateralism as a “silver bullet,” and suggested
so, that all over great in our relations with the EU.

That, of all things, the mother called the land of direct democracy, wanted to believe in a “Royal road”: How wrong that sounds, didn’t seem to notice anyone.

the cross incorrectly, the behavior of the Federal Council acts until today. Apparently, our Executive with the agreement, which has negotiated, Secretary of state, Roberto Balzaretti in Brussels is not satisfied. If this is true: Why did they let the diplomat on his Mission alone, and this business is not for the boss thing? Why is travelled in the last twelve months, never a three-delegation of the government of the negotiations in Brussels? Would not have made it this way but may find that the EU sweeps, at least the citizens of the Union policy from your list of demands?

As in the case of such a situation is a smart and constructive Europe-discussion is to be possible, remains a mystery. The need for such a discussion is out of the question: The framework agreement is on the table, on the one hand and Switzerland have to say Yes or no. Long will give us the host, in Brussels, no credit.

Our government, of course, it is now. On Friday they presented, of all things, Ueli Maurer as the new top managers for the EU-Dossier. The SVP has made magistrate of his disdain for the European Union never tried to hide.

The situation is serious. And, the Federal Council approved a further Cognac. And Yes – why not? – please have a nice pillar and the deck of cards Swiss -.