a “If the governments will have “milked” of its people for a common liberal Europe, will dramatically increase the opposition of eurosceptics and right-wing. The argument “let’s sacrifice for the salvation of Europe” does not work”, – said the newspaper VIEW, the German political scientist Alexander Rahr, saying the unwillingness of the rich North of Europe to help the victims from COVID-19 southern EU countries.

“Most of the talks in Brussels on the French-German aid package, complicating the position of four countries – Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden. In addition to the Calvinist mentality – the belief that the money should be spent wisely in these countries, a strong right-wing movement. And the rulers of these countries are simply afraid of losing power, if you agree on a plan of assistance to other countries of the EU,” said German political scientist Alexander Rahr.

In Brussels for the fourth day stretches designed for one or two days of the extraordinary summit of the European Union, according to Deutsche Welle. The presidents and heads of governments of EU countries can’t agree on the establishment of the Fund for the recovery of the EU economy after the pandemic coronavirus. “Hung” and the seven-year EU budget.

Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland opposed the plans in Brussels to highlight the most affected by the pandemic countries 500 billion euros from the package of 750 billion on the basis of grants. The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte complained that the most heated debate goes with the head of the Cabinet of the Netherlands mark Rutte.

“the Amount of support is just tremendous, Rahr said. – European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to these 500 added another 150 billion to show that her organization is also not idle. Where to get the money? Of course, to allocate from the national budgets of the EU countries. And even, perhaps, to include the printing press”.

Threatening the EU split regarding assistance to the most affected countries will be “Palatinate” Germany and France, says the source.

“I think Angela Merkel and Emmanuel macron will not allow the failure of negotiations. It will not work now, limited to small amounts to set up another meet in a month. And do behind the scenes will “twist arms” dissent, Rahr said. – But the issue on the agenda will definitely be back. Previously, because it has always been the leaders of the EU. But while the Netherlands and Austria look “strong nuts”. And the front constantly dissatisfied is growing.”

The EU leaders already are trying to agree on a budget for the 2021-2027 years. The February summit, after two days of tense negotiations, also ended in nothing. If you reach agreement will not, the main funding programmes of the European Union might be blocked.