The EU does not want to “push” Belarus in the sphere of influence of Russia, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Austria Alexander Shallenberg.

“We are extremely concerned about the developments. Europe and the EU, especially Austria, were among those who established contact with them. We don’t want to push them back in the Russian hemisphere” – quoted by TASS Shallenberg.

The Austrian side is willing to Belarus was on their “path regarding values and standards”.

“We do not discuss this evening the sanctions we are discussing the situation in Belarus. I think now we need a clear unified position of the European Union”, – he added.

The Austrian Minister noted that the main issue of the consultations, the EU will call for the Belarusian authorities to refrain from violence and detention, and to start a “national dialogue”.

“And if these requirements are not met or Minsk would take a different approach, then I think the European Union should not exclude sanctions”, – concluded Shallenberg.

From Sunday evening in Belarus continues an unauthorized protest. The candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski, who left after the elections in Lithuania, thanked those involved in strikes.

VZGLYAD was told that the suppression of the riots by the security forces is happening in Belarus hard.