the European Union (EU) came up with a response to US sanctions on the “Nord stream-2” — is currently being developed “Communiqué on measures to strengthen the financial and economic sovereignty to the EU”. In an interview with “Interfax” said the EU Ambassador to Russia Markus Ederer.

it is Expected that the document will be published before the end of the year. According to Ederer, among other things, he “will lay the groundwork for a strengthened mechanism of sanctions, which will also improve the stability of the European Union to the extraterritorial effect of sanctions on third countries”.

Earlier, on August 6, it became known that several members of the U.S. Senate sent a formal warning to the operator of the port of Mukran that holds the pipes to complete the “Nord stream-2” and the ship “Akademik Chersky”, able to finish the construction. They stated that, if he did not cease supporting the project, he faces us sanctions, which will result in the financial destruction of the company.

Threats caused outrage both in Russia and in Germany. The official representative of the faction of the Bundestag “Alternative for Germany” energy Deputy Steffen KOTRA has accused the U.S. of waging economic war and meddling in the Affairs of Europe.

Construction of gas pipeline from Russia to Germany under the Baltic sea had to be completed in late 2019. However, Washington imposed sanctions against the “Nord stream-2” and sent a warning to the Swiss company Allseas, which provided pipelayers for construction. The firm refused to cooperate with Russia in order not to fall under sanctions. This was one of the reasons why the project completion was postponed to the turn of the 2020-2021 years.