How to change this country, if in the clinics, not a life saved , but live intentionally ends is? Do we, when the democratic rule of law does not begin with the selection , the this Time selection, but Triage ?

With the distinguished French word refers to a distribution system according to specified criteria. Triage comes from the Verb “trier,” which means “to sort”, the System comes from the military medicine of the 18th century. Century.

The views in the country

In a number of countries in the current crisis already in use.

Italy . From Rome, < / strong> Dominik Straub for the “Standard” summarises the situation as follows:

“The medical staff in many hospitals in the North of Italy has to get used to a new acronym: ,NCR’. This stands for “ non candidabili alla rianimazione ” and means as much as: can not be used in the resuscitation included .

The lack of beds in intensive care units has led to the Doctors to decide, in certain cases, between life and death: When someone is between 80 and 95 years old and great with respiratory issues, we will reserve the few remaining seats for the patients with greater chances of Survival,‘ says the anaesthetist Christian Salaroli from Bergamo.“

example of France. For the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reports , the editors Rüdiger, they and Michaela Wiegel:

“The hospital in Mulhouse, the a field hospital of the army has been expanded even saw itself forced to ventilators nor radical to rationing : Only patients under 75 years could be ventilated are, the chief of the emergency Department of the hospital, Marc Noizet confirmed, in a video conference with one hundred doctors in the Region.

,Who is over 75 years old, is no longer intubated,‘ he said. The Congestion was so great that the available ventilation survival devices for younger patients with better chances should remain reserved.“

for example, USA. In the “süddeutsche Zeitung” write t Thorsten Denkler, political, US correspondent in New York, the plan States of the city:

chaotisiere moderate “According to the bill, the mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio , presented on Sunday in the channel CNN, the city has as of this Wednesday seven days. Seven days, until the hospitals reach their load limit. Seven days, until then maybe Doctors need to decide which severely ill Covid-19-is ventilated Patient. And which is not.

“Then people are dying that should not die,” said de Blasio. And it’s not just that: It comes to masks, protective clothing, staff, everything, what does a hospital need to function. April is going to be worse than the March,‘ he said. And ,I fear, may be worse than April.‘ – We are only at the beginning‘, a swear de Blasio citizens. The worst is yet to come.‘“ Mary Altaffer/AP/dpa

Worldwide have become infected in the meantime 531.860 people with the Corona Virus, 24.072 people have died from the effects of the Virus. the Italy has been the most deaths : There are already died through 8215 of the Infected. The Person

Gabor Steingart is one of the most famous journalists in the country. He is editor of the Newsletter “Steingarts Morning Briefing”. The eponymous Podcast is Germany’s leading Daily Podcast for politics and the economy. In the spring of 2020 Steingart moves in with his editorial on the editorial ship “Pioneer One”. Prior to founding Media Pioneer was Steingart Chairman of the Board of management of the Handelsblatt Media Group.

Be free Morning Briefing, you can find here:

“is this the calm before the storm”

In USA with its, so far, 267 deaths the situation is much better, but perhaps only because we are later entered in this horror film . If it is true what is said of the virologist, Alexander Kekulé recently, the Coronavirus works like clockwork , then also began in Germany at the ticking of the clock. The grim Reaper is probably already ante portas. At least the Minister of health Jens Spahn Doctors, nurses and the population on the witching hour prepare:

“is this the calm before the storm. No one can say exactly what comes in the next few weeks.“ Michael Kappeler/dpa

In the case of a acute scarcity , so much seems certain, that they also may be in German hospitals intensive care beds according to certain criteria distributed. The decision on the allocation of resources needed to medical and the reason given at the fair , a recommendation for action, presented by seven medical professional societies including the Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and emergency medicine , society for anesthesiology and intensive care medicine and Academy for ethics in medicine .

“Enormous emotional and moral challenges for the treatment team,”

As the criterion applies to the signatories, the probability of whether the Patient will survive the treatment and then a guide to life outside the intensive care unit can. In the elfseitigen document States:

“intensive therapy is not indicated when the process of dying unstoppable has started, the therapy is considered medically hopeless , because there is no improvement or stabilisation is expected, or a Survival of the permanent residence in the ICU would be bound.”

“If the resource is not enough , it must inevitably be decided which of ICU patients in acute/intensive care and which not or not to be treated .”

The medical community is aware that they are open to the grim Reaper, the door to the patient room:

“This is a restriction , otherwise, offered patient-centred treatment decisions means , what represents an enormous emotional and moral challenges for the treatment team.”

“If not all critically ill patients can be admitted to the intensive care unit, must be decided on the allocation of the limited resources available.”

The state needs to take advantage of the calm before the storm, to make the house storm proof

The Protestant theologian, Peter Dabrock is the Chairman of the ethics Council, which has worked for the Federal government also recommendations for Triage. He speaks to politicians and doctors to be free of responsibility. It was ” not weighing , but a was responsible for debt-to-minimize .”

conclusion: There have been found together in the medical-political complex to the Right. The doctors are to speak of the associated Cabinet members, and in return, the state is free of debt, a country that is until today unable to organize protective clothing for the Doctors, the entry rules for countries with a high level of Corona infection of late intensified, and not skiing trust in Tirol and carnival in the Rhineland to say. Political preventive medicine works.

But the legitimate expectation of the citizens, could soon be patients, is another. The state needs to take advantage of the calm before the storm, to make the German house storm. The government has to save the mandate to live. A mandate to open the grim Reaper of the door, didn’t you.

Also for the Minister and the chief physicians of the is a fundamental commandment, which was adopted at the highest point: Thou shalt not kill. A virologist, said in the ARD the German Dilemma in the fight against the crisis, FOCUS Online/Wochit virologist, the German Dilemma in the fight against the crisis

declared in ARD