The epidemic of coronavirus brings down the whole industry worldwide

on Tuesday afternoon the ruble Mosberg index was down more than 2% to the Friday closing level, dollar-denominated RTS fell by about 4%. The dollar rose nearly half a ruble and reached to 65.6 rubles – the highest level since Oct. The Euro rose more than a half of the ruble and reached to the level 71,15 ruble – so expensive it was not worth since December.

so far, we can make predictions only about the negative impact of the virus on the ruble and stock market indices, not on the possibility of future growth

the Ruble and the stock painfully took the news that an epidemic of coronavirus gradually globaliseerumise and leads to a decrease in business activity in different countries (especially in China) and the disintegration of economic ties, says a senior analyst “BKS the Prime Minister” Sergey Suverov.

Photo: AP Photo As the coronavirus that destroys the economy of Japan

If we compare the movement of the ruble to the same currency, he was the leader to weaken, says the head of analytical Department of Bank “Zenith” Vladimir Evstifeev. This probably reflects concerns over the Russian economy, since the events with the coronavirus Russian exports to China in the first quarter now will inevitably fall, he said.

Judging by the behavior of the markets, the wave of pressure on risky assets still abates, believes Evstifeev. At the same time, continuing uncertainty about the effects of coronavirus on the world economy confirms that this will remain the main driver for markets analyst.

If the epidemic will grow, the Russian stock and currency markets will wait for the “swing” with new sinks, says Suverov. In fact, expect the resumption of growth is quite difficult so expectations on the dynamics of stock indices and currencies are reduced to trying to assess the degree of negative impact, says Evstifeev. According to him, until the end of February and in March the pressure on Russian assets could lead to the decline in the stock index by 3-5%. The behavior of the ruble could be smoother: short-term potential of weakening, according to experts, is 2-3%.