raising the personal income tax rate for the rich, benefits for families with children, and preferential mortgages.

Tuesday, 23 June, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued another appeal to the Russians. This time he talked about combating the spread of coronavirus infection in the country over the past three months, and also announced some measures of support. The most important of his address to the nation:

Putin thanked the Russians for how dignified they have passed the most dangerous period of the epidemic. He addressed with words of gratitude also to the volunteers, governors, mayors and all health care workers.

Payments to providers will be extended for July and August.

personal income tax Rate will be increased from 13 to 15%, but only for those Russians who earn more than 5 million rubles per year.

Families with children under 16 years will receive the payment of 10 000 rubles for each child even in July.

Preferential mortgage spread for new housing costing up to 6 million rubles, and in Moscow and St. Petersburg — up to 12 million rubles.

the self-employed Regime will spread all over the country from 1 July.

income Tax IT companies will be reduced from 20% to 3%, and premiums for companies in this sphere — from 14% to 7.6%.

the President stressed that the epidemic is not yet over. The situation in some regions, he said, remains difficult: in Tuva, Karachay-Cherkessia Khanty-Mansi and Yamal. However, the “rapid reaction mechanism developed, no one will be left in the lurch,” Putin promised.

“In General we force the epidemic to recede, the severity of the fracture, but the virus is still dangerous,” concluded the President.