“Kommersant” familiar with the approach to the sequestration of the national project “Ecology” in favor of programs for post-crisis recovery — because of the urgency of the process method will probably apply to other projects. An emergency logic that was applied to cuts in programs, “Ecology”, more not take into account the priorities of environmental policies, and the presence of nezakonchennyj budget. Inside the project the money was redistributed, including in favor of his PR. Kommersant’s sources at the project office note that to return the reduced appropriations will be difficult, although in the White house “Kommersant” have assured that the priorities of the national project will not change.At the disposal of “b” were agreed by the Ministry of natural resources Ministry of Finance proposals on changes of the passport of the national project “Ecology” in terms of redistribution of funds in favor of the government’s reserve Fund to Finance the economic recovery. “Kommersant” wrote about it on 16 and 17 April — then “PereVesti a” reduction of national projects was entrusted to first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov. Passport “Ecology” has already been approved by the project office, from his text it is clear that the Ministry of environment strongly disagrees with the reduction of funding of individual areas, for example updating of strategy of development of the industry for the treatment of municipal waste by 2030, or the preservation of lake Baikal in the part of remediation of contaminated areas, environmental lake. However, as explained “Kommersant” a source in the project office, the logic of redistribution of the money of the national project on anti-crisis need not consider the environmental priorities of the project have got all the money who do not have time to contract. Thus, the project “Pure water” in the reserve of the government left all the budgetary allocations, with regions not to sign agreements until February 15, 2020.The amount of funding in 2020 of the national project “Ecology” was to be 528,7 billion rubles., of which he lost 22 billion rubles unspent in 2019, and those that did not have time to “learn” in 2020 (the Minister of natural resources Dmitry Kobylkin June 15, called the sum of 23 billion rubles.). More than any other in the composition of the project affected Federal project (FP) “Clean air” lost more than 15 billion rubles— this is mainly unspent funds in 2019, when the national project “Ecology” was among the worst executable, according to the audit chamber. As a result, in 2020 at the disposal of the Federal project “Pure air” was only 738,4 mln. Responsible for the implementation of FP head Rosprirodnadzora Svetlana Radionova has threatened proponents of this reduction of social explosion (see “Kommersant” on 28 April), but did not explain why the money is not spent on time. Most likely, the problem lies in the regions, the programs of which efficiently did not suit the White house.Another FP in RAMthe framework of the national project “Introduction of best available technologies,” lost 3 billion rubles., in charge of the Ministry of industry and trade refused to comment. Director of the Institute of ecology of the Higher school of economy Boris Morgunov, however, believes the funding cut in this direction is correct: reform environmental regulation of industry and the relevant compliance should be carried out in current mode, “it is not the subject of the national project” (the program anything not spent in the year 2019, 95% of its budget was to be private investment companies—members of RSPP). In RSPP the theme not comment. “The solution with the most reasonable BAT— agrees Deputy head of the sector Committee of “Business Russia” Natalia Belyaeva.— And lake Baikal, the decision may benefit. He suffers from the fact that someone out there has seen billions, but all the technology on the surface, and they are looking for already ten years.”A separate, although considerably less comprehensive edit of the project is to divert the money inside of it (found in the OP “Integrated system for the treatment of MSW” and “biodiversity Conservation and ecotourism development”) for information and expert sociological support, in particular increased funding of the “National priorities”, which deals with public relations projects and the current budget which, according to “Kommersant”, is about 1 billion rubles In the White house “Kommersant” have confirmed that the new version of the project with the changes will be published in July, but insist the priorities declared by Vladimir Putin — clean air, water, and a civilized waste management system,— left in it. “Environmental priorities have not changed. The project should lead to real, tangible changes, it is necessary to focus on the most important to improve the quality of life of people tasks,”— said the representative of the sector of the Prime Minister of Victoria Abramchenko. However, the money that artists will have to find again — in the conditions of restriction of budgetary expenditures in the coming years. The Ministry of natural resources to questions, “Kommersant” about the prospects of “Clean air” and the return of the withdrawn financing could not answer.Alexey Shapovalov