Such an old invention, as Pendelton and paternoster, can help to combat coronavirus in the future. This opinion was expressed by an engineer, historian of technology Vyacheslav Trifanov, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

“If you take the classical definition, Pendelton is mounted to a vertical hinged door which can open in both side with simple pressure on it, and then itself returns to its original position under the action of buzinnogo mechanism,” said Trifanov. The massive use of such a mechanism, where possible, will help to reduce the spread of coronavirus due to the fact that people will be less likely to touch the door handle. Now Pendelton actively used in the manufacture of doors for the Moscow metro.

“paternoster is a structure with many separate cabins, by hinges attached to one another and forming a closed chain,” continues the engineer. In epidemics present invention could be useful because it would allow people to crowd together in the Elevator, however, it has long refused due to the potential for personal injury, lamented Trifanov. Now paternoster there are only a few apartment buildings in Moscow, built in the years 1920-1930.

Anthropology, KB Strelka previously predicted that after the pandemic coronavirus, many Russians will change the attitude of the housing. According to conclusions of experts, after the commencement of quarantine the citizens of a request on the wall and isolation: for example, many owners of apartments-studios regretted that they do not have separate facilities or that at one time tore down the wall between the bathroom and kitchen.