The energy Ministry has published a list of backbone enterprises

Only it includes 97 enterprises of the oil and coal industry, services, and companies generating electricity and transmitting it to consumers.

“the Inclusion of associations is carried out on the basis of sectoral indicators on the proposals of the Federal bodies of Executive power. Calculation of indicators is carried out by the group of companies”, – said Deputy Minister of energy Anatoly Tikhonov.

the list includes all the major public and private companies for oil and gas, in quantity of 18 pieces. Among them are not only major producers like Rosneft, Gazprom and LUKOIL, but also medium-sized companies such as Irkutsk oil company (INK), and also joint with foreign enterprises, such as “Salym petroleum development N. In.”.

Presented in the list of the 12 largest providers in the Russian market of services in oil and gas industry. Previously, industry experts repeatedly emphasized that the oil gazoservis in a period of declining oil prices was one of the most vulnerable areas of the industry and requires state support.

Also, the list includes six of the largest companies providing services of connection and transmission of electricity. And of these, nearly 88 percent of the transferred facilities have on the company “rosseti”.

the list also includes ten vertically integrated oil company independent oil refineries, and six similar enterprises for the production of petrochemicals. Also on the list of 21 organizations producing electricity and 19 mining companies.

In the sphere of transportation of oil and oil products to the list included the expected natural monopoly company “Transept”.

the list is not included any enterprise operating on the basis of the Agreement on production section (SRP), but includes four organizations operating in the territory of the Republic of Crimea, betraying electricity company providing services of pipeline transport and oil and gas company.