If on 27. December 384. The issue of “Spex”, the magazine for pop culture, it appears, it will not be the last of the year but also the last in the 38-year history of the magazine. “Then 116 pages appear once again on the Pop that shapes our lives, the society that wants to ruin it for us, and possible ways that could lead out of this Dilemma. Then the conclusion is,” writes editor-in-chief Daniel Gerhardt in his Editorial in the second issue.

The From of every two months, appearing in Berlin magazine, explains Gerhardt not only with the difficult economic times, where more and more advertisers from the print media. It is also the changing user behaviour of the popinteressierten audience. Long it was the task of the Popjournalisten to give the reader an Overview of the incredibly large amount of new albums, books, shows, exhibitions, and artists. With the advent of the constant availability of News, music, and art, this “gate Keeper function of Popjournalisten have done” in the meantime.