“Created by the Federal chamber of lawyers of the Integrated information system of the legal profession of Russia will become the most important tool, – said Yuri Pilipenko. The first results of its commissioning are planned for the current year and in the future, KIS AR will be developed and added new blocks, extending the base of the digitalization of the legal profession.”

for Example, the information system will automatically allocate cases between the lawyers business for the purpose: when the defender of the citizen provided by the state. Automatic distribution system serves as a guarantee that the investigator will not agree directly with his lawyer who does not show much activity. Meanwhile, according to the standards of the legal profession, to not have anything different from protection under the agreement when the person themselves agrees with the lawyer.

According to experts, one of the main goals of the Integrated information system of advocacy is to ensure the security of the information that is of particular interest in a number of foreign, primarily law enforcement agencies. For example, the system of collective security to ensure electronic interaction of the lawyers with their clients who are in jail, and confidentiality of such communication. Today in many regions in pretrial detention, imposed a regime of special conditions, opportunities for personal meetings is limited. Besides, the courts are actively developing online processes of the hearing electronically may be conducted on almost any stage. And here a problem arises: how online lawyer to chat privately during the meeting with the defendant to discuss the case, any new circumstances.

Yury Pilipenko has underlined that thanks to new forms of work, linked also with the introduction of electronic technology, the legal profession will rise to a qualitatively new level.

by the Way, today is the Day of the Russian advocacy. “Day of the Russian advocacy is an important festival of our Corporation, which we, by tradition, celebrated by all-Russian day of free legal aid “Attorneys for the citizens”. This tradition is filled with a huge sense, because the purpose of our profession – helping people – said Yuri Pilipenko. – We lawyers – part of mankind, and together with all of humanity we are entering an era of high technology. I wish the colleagues of the creative energy, vigor, health, optimism, professional, and personal well-being!”


June 1, lawyers across Russia will provide citizens with a free consultation. Information about the order of rendering by lawyers of a free legal aid in the context of pandemic Corotnaverus, addresses and time of reception of citizens in the framework of the all-Russian day of free legal assistance, where possible taking into account the current situation and mode restrictions, etc., should be placed on the websites of the regional bar chambers. For example: advocates of the Moscow region, involved in the action.