The eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and his wife divorce

the Eldest grandson of the British Queen Elizabeth II Peter Phillips announced the divorce with his wife, with whom he lived for 12 years. According to Daily Mail, the couple decided to remain friends.

“the Decision to divorce and work together to raise children was taken after many months of discussion, – said the representative of the pair. – The main priority of the spouses will remain the welfare and upbringing of their beautiful daughters Savannah and Isla”.

Probably, this decision has upset the Queen, because Phillips is her favorite grandson and she is in a close and friendly relationship with his wife Autumn.

At Buckingham Palace has already commented about the divorce. It noted that the family of Peter and Autumn also distressed by the breakup, but support their decision. We also know that the grandson of the Queen and his wife both remain in Gloucestershire to work together to raise children 7 and 12 years. The British press has previously been assumed that canadian Otem can move home after other members of the Royal family – Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly got married in 2008. They rarely come to the attention of the press and the public, since Phillips has no Royal title and does not perform Royal duties. Phillips – the son of the only daughter of the Queen, Princess Anne, he ranked 15th in the line of succession.

In January of this year the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – Prince Harry and his wife announced the addition from itself of the Royal prerogative. They decided to move to Canada and live independently, including financially. Later, Harry admitted that he did not wish his son Archie has experienced the same thing that he experienced, being one of the senior members of the Royal family.