Several stores have encouraged customers to take påskehandelen early in the year.

Are you one of them who has bought more eggs than otherwise, you need not be afraid that they will go to play.

Norwegian eggs have a very long shelf life, and manage themselves long after best-before-date, ” says Anne Marie Schrøder

Photo: Matvett

– It is very foolish to hoard food, but completely hopeless to throw eggs, ” says Anne Marie Schrøder from Matvett.

doesn’t Like sol

Norwegian eggs are completely free of salmonella.

– They come with 28-day shelf life, which is the rule in Europe. But they manage themselves for months in the refrigerator and several weeks on the bench, ” says Schrøder.

in the Middle of the summer can eggs be bad, but the rest of the year, it is no problem to have eggs on the bench, ” says Anette Fjelleng Hansen, chef and matrådgiver at Matprat, opplysningskontoret for egg and meat.

Photo: Creative Commons / Matprat

– I always have the eggs on the bench all year, ” says chef Anette Fjelleng Hansen.

But they can not stand too hot. Keep them away from sunlight komfyrvarme .

– as long As you don’t have it extremely hot in the house should the eggs keep fine for several weeks, she adds.

How long they manage in room temperature is not good to say. But it is very easy to check if the egg is bad.

– I am very sorry if people are throwing eggs. In this case, they can nicely stand on the bench until after easter. Bend it in half and smell. I think no one can be wrong by the smell of a rotten egg, ” laughs Schrøder.

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Content may be frozen

– There are plenty that baker now that we are more at home. But do not waste the egg yolks if the recipe only contains egg whites, or vice versa. Both can be frozen, emphasizes Schrøder.

it Is full in the freezer you can always make something of the second half.

do you Have protein to spare, you can make meringue or French makroner. You have the yolk to spare, you can make aioli or bernaise. Or you can throw it you have left in a smoothie.

– egg white stays a week or two in the fridge, but the yolk is the best to freeze. It stays half a year in the freezer, ” says the chef.

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the Shell can also be eaten

Crushed eggshell contains a lot of calcium.

Photo: Karina Kaupang Jørgensen / NRK

And when we first talk about the to throw the least possible …

Did you know that the eggshell can be eaten?

– It is very much calcium in the shell. Paint it completely finkorna in kaffekverna and use a spoon in the smoothie, soup, omelette or mashed potatoes, suggests Fjelleng Hansen.

Few things are worse than a piece of eggshell in the cake, so make sure that you wash the shell clean, and smashes it well into the flour first.

– When the shell is completely fine you can have it in smoothies, bread, omelette or whatever it may be, she adds.

Deadlines are not calcium-shell in the food, you can have it in the soil .

– There are certainly many who will tend the able garden at easter. Crushed eggshell is good if you grow vegetables, ” says Schrøder.

In addition to calcium, contains shells of both nitrogen and magnesium.

– It is the nutrients the plants need, so the eggshell in the soil is fine. But the plants need regular fertilizer, in addition, explains the gardener Marianne Utengen from The Norwegian hageselskap.

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