The effect on the school education measures for the prevention of coronavirus

Monday, March 23, to April 12, inclusive at the schools will be declared holidays. There will be also support distance learning, open digital educational resources. We thank the operators for providing free access to them, – said the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov.

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Together with the acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor by Musaevym he held the first meeting of the working group which will be engaged in educational support regions. And most importantly: he reassured parents that no one with whom to leave a little schoolboy. For example, a student in grades 1-4. If necessary, in compliance with all requirements of CPS, the child can come to school!

What else is important? The final stages of the national Olympiad, previously scheduled for March – April, will also be transferred. They will take place only after may 12: “We will have time to process all results – no failures will not” – said the Minister. Terms of the all-Russian inspection tasks (CDF) is also slightly shifted.

– For each school from the Bank jobs, the CDF formed a unique set of options for control of materials, – said the acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev. They have already been transferred to principals, they will decide when to conduct the test, and will be able to do it before the end of the school year, at a convenient time. Tough schedule now will not.

the Epidemiological situation, of course, made adjustments to the school schedule. But you need to understand that approximately 75 percent of Russian schools, and so had to go on vacation, though only for a week. Additional 14 days will not pass in vain – neither teachers nor students to sit back will not. All regions now readjust to the new format of OBUtion. For example, in St.-Petersburg already more than 100 thousand students are engaged in online. The father-in-law every fifth student. The school itself can decide on which digital platform to teach children remotely. In the Lipetsk region teachers do use the resources “Russian school”.

Participants in the early period, the exam will take the exams in June

Moscow school TV (Mozart) launches broadcast lessons available on the Internet. They will drive the best teachers of the capital. And in the Moscow region operates its own School portal.

– the Main risk and the question for us today is how to adjust the screen time of the child. For example, schedule is six lessons. And if every teacher will begin to bill your digital content, relying on the standard lesson time is wrong, says the Director of balashikhinskiy Lyceum Dmitry Belousov. – So now we want to use the holidays to ensure that all teachers have coordinated their actions. The child should be really interesting. Here he is watching a video lecture, and then work in a normal notebook, then performs an interactive test. And can even arrange a home flashmob together with your classmates – you need to try a completely different shape.

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In the schools – a huge number of digital resources. Major publishing houses have opened free access to their electronic textbooks, social networks are ready to broadcast lessons online. Available for free the most advanced educational platforms – “the Russian school”, “Moscow e-school”, Yandex.Tutorial,, Aclass.

an Important question – the child at the computer. The Ministry of the enlightenedia prepares the draft recommendations on distance learning and support of students, the issue we will consider. It is important to take care of the health of our students, – said Sergey Kravtsov. – Not later than March 23 will forward recommendations to the regions.

Many people worry about: that this year will be the exam? Answer: the deadlines for the state examination for participants of the early period are transferred for June. This is for sure. The change in schedule will affect approximately 32 thousand children, mostly graduates of previous years. They will take the exam in June – there are a few reserve days and cycles for “dosrochnikov”. Anzor Muzaev said: all the resources for that. For comparison, from 25 may to 29 June exam plan to take about 800 thousand people. On average, in each region, the service plans to equip an additional item of the exam. That should be enough.

– the service will provide inspection of all work in a timely manner, so the boys have received their results and had time to apply to universities – said Musayev.

What will happen to the main stage of the exam in June, which is now strenuously prepares the majority of graduates 11-x classes? Is it possible to conduct the exam on computers and in an online format? As told by Anzor Muzaev, this year it is too early to talk about it. And to escalate the situation not worth it.

– We are ready for any eventuality, I hope that all will be good, but I wouldn’t go forward, – said Sergey Kravtsov.

the Way

a Joint working group of the Ministry of education and Rosobrnadzor will be available around the clock by phone +7 (495) 984-89-19. It will track all time zones and any problems that arise from mass introduction of distance learning. As told Deputy Minister of education of the Russian Federation Dmitry Glushko, already have an agreement with providers expanding access to key Internet resources. It has not turned so that the useful sites for students suddenly froze. Now comes the analysis of the technical details orti all schools, institutions of further and vocational education. Any problems, malfunctions will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Also began working “hot line” methodical support of teachers and principals. Phone +7 (800) 200-91-85 – the best teachers, methodologists and employees of the Federal institutes.