In mid-June, the Russian government approved a decree that will allow the agricultural enterprises joined the project to qualify for concessional loans, said the head of the Federal competence centre in the field of labor productivity (ftsk, the operator of the project) Nikolay Solomon. “I believe that this measure of state support will be of interest not only to current project participants, but should also attract new companies, improve the production efficiency in the agricultural sector”, he said.

that would give agricultural enterprises participating in the project can be judged by the experience of their key customers – food production.

the Novgorod enterprise “Novgorodka” in January joined the national project and has already streamlined the process of making poppy rolls from its implementation, the company gets a fifth of revenue.

Experts ftsk found that the main problem of irrational organization of work of employees. Went in the course of 5S system (sorting, keeping order, contents clean, standardization, improvement of the workplace). This has developed the optimal scheme of arrangement of equipment have changed the algorithms for the movement of workers and products in the shop. At the same time reduced the energy consumption by increasing the efficiency of furnaces and machinery. As a result, the volume of the buns is increased by 120% from 5.9 to 13 thousand pieces per month, and the income from their sale doubled.

Kuban “Kombinat KHLEBOPRODUKTOV Tikhoretskiy” involved in the project from the end of 2018. The company, whose power allows you to host neighboring farmers for processing 6 thousand tons of grain a day, I decided to debug the work flow for production, storage and packing of flour. However, the proportion of flour has 95% of revenue. “Before the project began the workers took a lot of time on manual transport already-packaged bags of flour, says senior project Manager of ftsk in the Krasnodar region Alexander Volkov. – We have seen excessive movements of the operators in the shop, and the job change were transmitted orally. Simple changes – for example, the visualization of areas for storage of supplies and equipment brought good results. The number of incomplete pallets, which are formed from five-pound packs of flour fell from 5029 to 3080 units, nearly two tons of finished products”.

Along the way, halved the time for the production and packaging of flour from the same amount of grain, lowered the stocks that were in temporary storage warehouses, the production volume of flour per employee increased by 40%. “For our region, which is traditionally seen as the breadbasket of Russia, it is extremely important the participation of agricultural enterprises in the project – said the Governor Veniamin Kondratiev. – Over the past FIFyears agricultural production in the region grew by 25%. I’m sure the project will give impetus to even more impressive growth in the future.”