the most Important stages of formation of common energy market of the Eurasian economic Union are formulated in the road map, which was approved on June 22 a meeting of the Advisory Committee for energy of the Eurasian economic Commission, informed the source in the ECE.

As previously reported, a common energy market of the EEU should start no later than 1 January 2025. And for its formation at the very end of the year by the heads of the EAEU member States was approved the action plan and deadlines for the adoption of acts regulating the functioning of the new energy structure.

approved by the Advisory Committee, “roadmap”, says the ECE, detailed and intermediate stages of formation of the common market. In order to optimize the sequence of processes for the creation, experts considered it necessary to define intermediate stages of development and approval of draft documents.

in addition, it became known that during meeting of the Committee approached the positions of the parties and in the approaches to the definition and allocation of capacity of interstate power transmission lines. “There has been progress, which will allow for expert level to advance in the formulation of the draft rules of definition and bandwidth allocation”, – stated in the ECE.