How many do not say the word “sugar” in the mouth will not become sweeter. In fact, the same is happening with specific state aid to nosaukumu population. To ensure the livelihood of ordinary people in conditions of isolation, from different sides is proposed to introduce several measures: one vote for a grocery card, a familiar if not us, then our parents and grandparents. Someone offers to distribute products on “helicopter money”. There is a third option – on the image to enter the country’s digital grocery card.

and then, And another, and the third implies that the Russians, having in his pocket a map, a digital map or cache, once a week will return home with a full shopping bag of domestic products: bread, milk, sausages, canned food, various cereals.

Why do products have to be domestic production? Because buying the products of Russian farmers (not American and not Dutch) we encourage domestic producers to further the development of agricultural production.

Well, now – full basket of food, excluding alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.


On this day not say except that lazy. In the state Duma and regional parliaments, and academic economists. There’s a reason: 60% of Russia’s population does not have any savings for a “rainy day” – and here the isolation, unemployment… it’s Time, it’s time to give those citizens a specific financial support, they don’t have put ourselves in such extreme conditions.

But time passes, and the government is clearly in no hurry to solve this problem.

With “real money”, which officials call a helicopter, everything is clear. They are razor-edged. You can take them and drink, especially that the amount is not very large at present. Experts call it in the range of minimum wages (12 thousand rubles) up to 20 thousand.

With a Chinese version of the digital grocery cards also not very clear. From the first option, direct money, they are distinguished by the fact that the ruble will not cash, and virtual. Every citizen in a week will accrue a number of points that correspond to a certain set of products.

it is Difficult to imagine our government officials sat down at the drafting point system. To determine how many points, for example, there is one pack dairy sausages or a pound of Turkish tomatoes – to ensure the vegetables we import. Or how points, you need a man and a woman, how many – the old man and the child.

Then the head will spin from the “Chinese boxes”.

With our bureaucratic apparatus and the procedure of approval of the rules of the game at all levels of the power vertical is a work in the years ahead.

the Only advantage that is not fully used until the end of timeand the points expire, thus saving the budget funds allocated for the purchase of products.

But the same procedure budget saving, without any troubles you can use the usual product map, which is the best we have in common with the Soviet time. Back to list 12-20 thousand rubles a month purely on food and anything else. But if the map still have some funds to add to the account money up to a specified amount.

No need to reinvent the wheel, grocery cards work in the same America. Where national officials certainly, not once, got acquainted with their experience in the support of the poor.

What is the best option?

I was in this situation here’s what confuses. And unless the powers that be give us different options that we have clashed in debates in the kitchen, in print, a talk show? Distracts from the problem, the same shopping bags full of food?

We thus participate in the discussion of public issues, and who, nevertheless, is still there. Indeed, while the public will break the spear, defending “best system,” pandemic watch – she will resolve.

I’m a supporter of direct financial assistance to the population, says doctor of Economics Igor NIKOLAEV. Is money more efficient in this case, let people decide what to buy. You need to consider another point. The older generation, our veterans, remember the war and postwar ration cards. Who found the 90-ies, you know on food stamps that “go” including in Moscow. And what we came up with in 2020?

Such a sad Association also need to be considered. So, step forward and two back.

– And how, in your opinion, should Russians “full of happiness”?

– Not all of our fellow citizens, but only those who are in need of such support. Roughly 20-30 million. If you give each a lump sum of 50 thousand roubles, it turns out 1-1. 5 trillion. rubles. On April 1, the national welfare Fund was at 12.9 trillion. That is, one tenth part of the FNB. It is quite feasible for the budget task.

If this issue is not resolved now, I’m afraid we miss the chance. The Cabinet has repeatedly spoken out against “helicopter money”. But soon the NWF money will not stay. With a very, in my opinion, an optimistic forecast of the Central Bank about the deficit of 5-6 % of GDP, next year there will be almost empty.