The economic effect from implementation of innovations

“Rosneft” in 2018-2019, received an economic benefit in the amount of 26 billion rubles from the introduction of innovative solutions. Among the most recent developments Rosneft are the technology development of the Bazhenov formation.

In 2019, the company “RN-Yuganskneftegaz” (“a daughter” “Rosneft”) held a regular multi-stage fracturing for a horizontal well in sverhskorostey the reservoir of the Bazhenov formation. When injected into the reservoir 610 tons of proppant flows of oil in the amount of 6.5 tons per day to the stage, according to Rosneft.

the Company completely replaced the foreign software (software) for modeling hydraulic fracturing introduced BY the Russian.

in addition, “Rosneft” develops its own production of catalysts for oil refining on all key processes, the company moves on domestic catalysts.

In 2019 at “Novokuibyshevsk plant of catalysts” built experimental-industrial area for the production of catalysts of hydroprocesses, which will develop the technologies of production of catalysts for oil refining and petrochemistry taking into account the transition to large-scale production. Before such technological capabilities in Russia was absent, stresses the company.

In turn, “the middle Volga scientific-research Institute of oil refining” (“Svniinp”, is a scientific complex “Rosneft”) has developed and patented additive package for multigrade hydraulic oils. The introduction of additives into production is scheduled for 2020.

the Development of scientific and technological potential is one of the main directions of the strategy “Rosneft-2022”.