“Nornikel” again distinguished. Activists found that one of its factories is conducting a discharge of polluted metals and acid fluids to the tundra and the local streams that flow into lake Pyasino. The fact of the reset fixed Greenpeace together with journalists of “Novaya Gazeta” and a former employee of Rosprirodnadzor Basil Reunanen. Once on the scene came the police and the Prosecutor’s office, the workers began to hastily dismantle pipes that drain.

As the press service of the regional emergencies Ministry, near the Talnakh concentrator, which is owned by Norilsk Nickel, there was an illegal transfer of unidentified liquid with a chemical odor in the tundra zone. The intakes in place and there is no danger of falling waste into the river Kharaelakh, which, running into Pyasino lake. Environmentalists report that the water is contaminated with heavy metals, sulfurous acid and surfactants. Water has a strong odor, and at the point of discharge of dead trees.

more Precisely the composition of the liquid will be known after laboratory tests. After on a scene there arrived police officers, emergency situations Ministry, Rosprirodnadzor and prosecutors, staff took action to stop the drain. And employees “Norilsk Nickel” was in such a hurry that disassembling pipe, crushed by a tractor a police car which arrived on the scene to ascertain the circumstances. In the “Norilsk Nickel” have reported that they stopped the drain, and the incident conduct an internal investigation. Regional management of Investigatory Committee also started reviewing.

About what kind of threat actions “Norilsk Nickel” caused to the environment this time, “MK” told the honored ecologist Andrey Peshkov

It is an ecological crime. Heavy metals, sulfuric acid – all of this, getting in the impact zone of any significant concentrations that instantly kills all living things. Living organisms are designed to exist in a certain pH range. Moreover, this range is quite narrow. Norilsk Nickel, profiting from natural resources that companies do not belong, is detrimental to human health and the environment.

Heavy metals – and it may be mercury, lead, and the whole series is poison. Even copper, which is less dangerous to humans, deadly to aquatic organisms. It is a crime that should be considered and penalized accordingly. Why this is not done, why is there no supervision in this area, why the people involved are not in jail and their property not confiscated? is questions to law enforcement and environmental authorities.

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